NICAR Home Study

NICAR is dedicated to providing Continuing Education for REALTORS® primarily concerned with the Brokerage of Commercial Real Estate. A Realtor member has the choice of completing the required hours either in a classroom environment, online, or as a home study program. Below you’ll find a list of current NICAR Homestudy Programs available.

NICAR CGBN Education videos (Click on the title to watch and learn)

General Issues for International Investors, Chapter One

Entity Structures for Holding US Assets, Chapter 2

Immigration Issues for Individuals & Families, Chapter 3

Reporting & Validation of International Asset Sources, Chapter 4

Securities Law Issues for Promoters and Investors,  Chapter 5

Frequently Asked Investor Questions,  Chapter 6

Expanding Your CRE into a Global Business

Start Local, but Don’t Think Small

Participate at a State Level

Participate at a National Level 

 Participate in Sub-Industry Groups and Networks

 Join Networks Created to Expand Global Networks and Skill Sets

 Attend Conferences Near & Far

Create Lasting Global Business Relationships

Case Study – Quarters

RD 920 –     Harassment in the Workplace 564002281, 3 elective

FI 1120 –     Demystifying the Mortgage Process 564002166, 3 elective

FI 1152 –     Short Sales, Foreclosures, Loss Mitigation 564001847, 3 elective

ETH 1524 – Real Estate Ethics 564001134, 3 elective

COR 1651 – Fair Housing, Agency, License Law & Escrow 564001716, 3 core A

COR 1658 – Legal Issues: Disclosure  564001119, 3 core B

COR 1663 – Legal Issues: Why Go to Court  564001848, 3 core B

COR 1685 – Fair Housing, Agency, License Law & Escrow 564002077, 3 Core A

RB 786 –     Forms of Residential Property Ownership 564002194, 3 hours elective


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