(REALTOR Members or Institute Affiliates)


Government Affairs

Monitors governmental activities and initiatives affecting commercial real estate. They also distribute information about strategies for the protection of the rights of private property owners and their agents. Establish working relationships with local governmental offices, develops a clearing house of information about laws and ordinances, and create strategies for effective constructive change.

John Rutledge


Rebekah Carlson

Brian Dolan

Shari Haefner

Larry Howard

Nick Weis


Review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors of advances in technology that will be of benefit to our members.


Marks Attwood

Mark Fitzgerald

Prog. / Events

Recommends to the Board of Directors an annual calendar of Association events including monthly membership meeting, the annual conference and joint meeting with other members of the Commercial Alliance.

Mark Goodwin

Bruce Heller

David Hulseberg

Paul Lechner

Barbara Montes

Maggie O’Leary

Luke Oosterhouse


Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors of new members.  Seeks opportunities to expand the Association membership in all categories of membership.

Chris Schramko

Don Hill

Barbara Montes

Andy Velkme


Analyzes the educational needs of the members and recommends educational programs for members, including those programs designed to assist members in meeting their continuing education requirements.

Marty Norkett

Barbara Maring

Maggie O’Leary


Seeks opportunities to promote to the members and the public the association. Prepare the quarterly newsletter to members.

Rebekah Carlson

Chris Schramko

Carol Fisher

Maggie O’Leary

Shari Haefner