Supporting Innovation Entrepreneurship and Building Communities with Proptech in South Africa Digital Flyer

Supporting Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Building Communities with Proptech in South Africa

Featured Speakers:
 Dylan Walls
Dylan has been here since the beginning and has worked in various spheres of Bitprop’s operations. He oversees much of Bitprop’s general operations, as well as the marketing and communications strategy, and the management of the internal team. He also runs Bitprop’s application processing and homeowner relations, both before and after construction.
Prior to Bitprop, Dylan led a team that established Universal Avenue in South Africa, a Swedish technology marketplace platform aimed at small businesses. As Country Manager, Dylan’s work involved, among other things, market research, systems development, team building, resource management, brand and client relationship building, and pricing. He also managed the local team on a day-to-day basis and ensured cohesion and integration with the greater Universal Avenue community. Dylan has a Bachelor of Business Science degree in Management Studies, with a specialisation in Marketing and a major in Economics from the University of Cape Town.


 Rali Mampeule
Rali Mampeule is considered one of South Africa’s leading Real Estate & Digital Infrastructure Entrepreneurs with over 20 years experience in Real Estate. He is the Chairman of the Mampeule Foundation and the Chairman of the University of Johannesburg (UJ): sustainable Material and Construction Technologies (SMaCT) Research Centre and sits on the board of MetroFibre Networx (MFN).
The Founder and CEO of the South African Housing and Infrastructure Fund (SAHIF) and a member of Forbes Real Estate Council. In 2022 he was recognized as a [Business Leader] in the Top 100 Property Leaders by the South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners (SAIBPP) and in 2019 he was awarded the Socio-Economic Impact Award by (SAIBPP). Rali graduated from Harvard University in the United States(USA) where he studied in the Advanced Management Development Program (AMDP) in Real Estate. He studied for a Bachelor of aCommerce (B.Com) degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA).


 Tashriq Abrahams
Tashriq joined the team in 2021 and has been an intrinsic part of it ever since. He has led the process of systematising and standardising our architectural framework and council application process. Tashriq conducts initial assessments of applicants’ properties and oversees their progress from conceptual design to completed buildings. Tashriq is working with other developers and key figures in the industry to reform municipal by-laws in favour of those who need it the most.
Tashriq has worked for architectural firms in the commercial, hospitality and residential sectors. His roles included being an architectural technician and architectural technologist, through which he gained a vast array of skills, from medical facilities planning to the documentation of drawings for both local and international markets. Tashriq has a National Diploma in Architectural Technology from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, as well as N6 certifications in Building and Construction Technology from College of Cape Town.

Guest Speaker:

 Alina Aeby
Alina is a global real estate and PropTech consultant, speaker and investor based in San Francisco, California. She offers solutions for different aspects of PropTech solution implementation, global real estate, advising on business development, marketing, transactions, real estate practice and ethics, education, and volunteering. She prides herself in connecting the private, government and non-governmental sectors, with SDG 17 and ESG principles in mind. Alina has a background in journalism and economic research, she is an avid web 3.0 technologies student and enthusiast, holds a PhD in Economics with emphasis in globalization and a California real estate broker license. She serves as 2023 NAR (National Association of Realtors) Global Coordinator for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, overseeing and coordinating relationships with bilateral real estate partners in 21 countries, promoting and facilitating educational, PropTech and business exchange programs. 2022-2024 Co-Chair of Business and Industry Group, The General Assembly of Partners (GAP), an independent, multi- stakeholder platform that was set up at the initiative of the World Urban Campaign to support stakeholder engagement and contributions to the UN Habitat III process, VP of FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) World Council of Property Technology, AsiaProptech– San Francisco Bay Area and CEE Ambassador, broker-associate with COMPASS San Francisco and a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS).


Mampeule Foundation
•  Supporting innovation, entrepreneurship and science to solve problems
•  The Mampeule Foundation and SAHIF focuses on solving the challenges in South Africa through:
•  Accelerating the delivery of affordable housing to South Africans
•  Investing into research furthering alternative building solutions and alternative funding solutions to solve the housing crisis in SA.
•  Bursaries and mentorship to address the inequality in the Real Estate Industry and bring new blood into the old vein of  Real Estate
•  Supporting projects which enables the youth of South African to push global limits of innovation
•  Meet the 3D Students and Mentees during Networking

• Transforming homeowners into property entrepreneurs through backyard rental units
•  Background of backyarding
•  How Bitprop works
•. Progress to date – model pivots, proving assumptions correct, partnering with local and International partners
• Designing environmentally friendly buildings
• What’s next?


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